Spare parts and accessories

The Aspöck spare parts product range for trucks and trailer lighting is distinguished by high quality and functional safety. These characteristics have made Aspöck one of the leading original equipment manufacturers.

The spare parts range includes not only an extensive offer of lights and lights components, but also the associated plug connections and numerous accessory articles.

Rear lamps

The range includes various rear lamps with different functions, from one, two or multi-function lights.

End outline marker lamps

Aspöck end outline marker lamps are provided with various attachment angles in order to make the vehicle as visible as possible.

Position lamps

The position lamps by Aspöck in a standardised design can be mounted either directly or using a holder and are characterised by their universal connectors.

Number plate lights

The product range by Aspöck provides number plate lights with various designs in order to make number plates as visible as possible.

Interior lamps

In order to illuminate the interior space of a vehicle or trailer, various shapes are available with differing luminosities in the product range by Aspöck.

Reversing lamps & working lamps

A long service life, excellent light performance and minimal power consumption ensure that workplaces are optimally illuminated.

Stop lights

Aspöck stop lights are also suitable for the replacement of existing stop lights, for upgrading to LED or also for supplementary attachment.


Here you will find an overview of our warning systems, control units, the new underride guard and all Aspöck connectors.

Wiring and junction boxes

An overview can be found here of all cables, junction boxes, the supply lines and adapters.

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